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Organize your ideas in one place to retrieve your inspiration to write a story later, with the writing tool of your choice. The application proposes key elements to drive the flow of the story.

Clean and simple design

The application is simply conceived with the minimum required to save the most important part of the concept of the story as a draft but offers the maximum as to what needs to be provided to set a path toward a complete story.


Kapsul is organized to help drive your ideas through a process of clarity. Sections are categorized from initial questions that should be answered before starting with creating your character and continue with a thrid group in which more details can be elaborated deeper into the draft of the story.

Export and email

export your project through email to starts writting the story itself in the programm of your choice. The project is exported as a text file to facilitate compatibility with known software on the market.



Kapsul is a set of 3 main sections which covers three basic steps in developping the first elements of your ideas. The application follows the concept of 3 acts in which each act has 2 sequences themselves splits in 2 parts or segment each. Each segment represents roughtly 7 minutes of a movie script or 25 pages for a standard book.

Section 1 - Summary

A serie of questions are listed to offer you the possibility to capture the main phases of a story. It is based on fundamentals aspects of the most common story. Options are available to let you enter genre of the story, characterisitc of the main character, location of story, incident, consequence and circumstances of incident, potential solution to solve issue and hero's arc and desire. Each question will be provided with a help box to guide you during this process.

Section 2 - Character

You can add as many as 24 characters for your story, but shoudl limit yourself to the minimum in that stage. Link is provided to get inspiration from real actors name from the imdb list. Enter the charater's role as what place is going to take in your story.example: Police officer, neighbour or fighter trainer, then complete your description in stating the function as Protagonist or antagonist

Section 3 - Outline

In this section each sequence represents roughtly 15minutes of a standard movie or 50 pages of a standard book.
Consider about 8 to 10 plots or points per sequences.

Act 1 introduce your character and the world or environment he lives in. Incident will be introduce in this act to get the hero to new grounds or direction and end of act 1 he should have an plan set up to solve his issue.

Act2 will introduce a plot 2 or parallel story to add new emotional degree, mystery or complexity to hero, but also represent a succession of obstacles. at that point if hero is down or lost is first battle he should be winning at end of Act3
mid of Act contains a so called reversal, a point of no return and revelations that bring the story to new directions.

Act 3 - This is where the final battle take place with last call to action. Climax will occurs at the end of Act3


This section will list all your entries and enable you to email it as atext file for being reworked in other programs like Word of final draft.


Create new project or rename/copy existing ones. An option gives you the possibility to display tips in the outline section or get a clean sequences without predefined items for help.

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